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Hello! I'm Hayley Wallace

I have been passionate about all things' energy since I was 16.

As a child and a young adult, I could always see ‘energies’ that other people didn’t seem to see. At age 16 I went to a yoga class which ended with meditation time. I loved the meditation and I was hooked. That began my journey to read and learn everything I could regarding spiritual topics. Stories of ghosts and energies didn’t frighten me as I was so used to seeing them all the time.

In my early 20s, I began studying bodywork and qualified in Swedish and Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki. I then moved on to study Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy, then Acupuncture, Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Sclerology and Iridology. I wanted to learn all I could about energy and health.  After completing my studies, I began teaching at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and conducting natural health clinics throughout Brisbane.

Then in 2004, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I closed my clinics, quit teaching and focussed on getting myself well using only natural therapies. It was during this time that I first experienced Land Healing when I had a remote Land Healing done on my home.

After 9 weeks of intense fasting, juicing, acupuncture, kinesiology, emotional release work and a great deal more, I had more tests done and I was given the ‘all clear’. I have remained cancer-free to this day.

After my recovery, I went back to working with clients in my own private clinic. During this time, I had a few clients who had had Land Healings done and I noticed changes and improvements in their health and well-being.  I became curious about it, and so enrolled in a training program.

Over the next 13 years I practiced, studied, and attended more workshops and training. I eventually closed my clinic to travel Australia and New Zealand holding health seminars to educate people about various health topics including the impacts of EMR/EMF (electromagnetic radiation).

My studies continued and in 2021, I graduated with a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science.  Land Healing continues to be my main interest and I am now working full time in this field.

I currently reside with my family in a bus on the Sunshine Coast.  The bus allows us to have a mobile lifestyle and we plan to travel throughout Australia from early 2024.

I currently work in-person in South-East Queensland, from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg and out to Toowoomba, Kilcoy and Gin Gin. Remote healings can be done anywhere in the world.

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Contact us if you would like to know more about having your land healed. Healing can be done remotely via an emailed map or on the property itself if you are local to me.

0499 900 670

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