Land Healings and Energy Workshops

By Hayley Wallace

Land Healing is the art of uncovering where the disruptions occur on a property and knowing how to balance them to create a higher energy frequency on the land.

Naturally occurring negative ley lines run throughout the earth and can create disturbances in energy flow or even energy blockages. These can be remedied to release the blocks and raise the energy and create flow once again.

Positive ley lines can be enhanced to bring a higher vibration to the property.

Underground water, whether flowing or stagnant also gives off a resonant energy field and can lower the overall energy of the land, as can Geopathic Stress Zones, old earthquake lines and EMF fields.

A balanced property may create a more harmonious space for the people and animals residing there and create a better flow of joy, peace and abundance.

Energies from previous residents in the home or people who have previously been on that land can also be respectfully healed and cleared. This usually brings a much stronger sense of calmness to the home.

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Contact us if you would like to know more about having your land healed. Healing can be done remotely via an emailed map or on the property itself if you are local to me.

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